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Heraclea, Latmos (FiveFingers) in the mountains of the southwest slopes steeply down to the sea is located at the end of the old Latmos bay. Milas - Soke highway located about 10 km after the village of Kapıkırı . Kapıkırı village Çamiçi village on the road turning right from the old town.

The historic settlement BC Herakleia He went up to the 8th century, is determined on the basis of the findings situation here. Heracles's name is one of the famous heroes of Greek mythology are given in several cities in Anatolia. One of them is also Heraklia on the shores of Lake Bafa.

One of the building walls are well worth the Heraklia surrounding the city. Circumference of 6.5 km. the walls were reinforced with 65 watchtowers. Master craftsmanship built stone walls with a smooth cut from the block walls are well-protected. BC 287 years at the height of the walls built by Lysimachus believed to 5.5 m. is about.

Shepherd Endimo and moon goddess has witnessed among those who survived the legend that describes the love of Selene hold the only rock paintings before birisidir.tarih mythological many legends hosted been Heraklia until today five different historical periods. The famous temple of Athena, tombs, a tour of prehistoric wall paintings and many more you time as well as being a geo park a pleasant journey .Baf also a Bird Sanctuary in the status of national parks ... not to be missed!